Thunderstruck Online Pokies

thunderstruck slot review

Australians have a chance to glimpse the fascinating world of Norse mythology when they play Thunderstruck Online Pokies. Thor, the god of thunder, reigns supreme but lesser deities, their human subjects and forces of nature bow to Thor’s rule in this Viking-themed pokies event. 

Thunderstruck is one of the most popular pokies at Microgaming casinos  where online pokies Microgaming are available for real money gambling entertainment on any  platform. Regardless of whether you’re playing on your PC or your mobile device you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the fun-filled recreation which brings the spirit and the traditions of the Norsemen to your gaming screen.   

Vikings and Norsemen

New archaeological evidence indicates that the Vikings advanced further than anyone ever dreamed. The skilled seafaring adventurers are known to have reached Russia in the east, North America to the west and ventured as far as Spain to the South. The Vikings are best known for their warrior tendencies that propelled them to explore and expand their conquests, but they’re also known as a people who took their traditions seriously.

Archaeologists and historians have determined, through investigating ancient Norse settlements in North Africa, Central Asia, North American and around the Mediterranean, that the Viking belief-system influenced many different cultures. 

The Vikings took their religious beliefs very seriously and diffused many of those beliefs in the areas that they conquered. The Norse view of religious was heavily influenced by nature and Norsemen lived in fear and awe of Dwarfs, Giants, Demons and the Light Elves and the Dark Elves. The Norse people believed that these beings inhabited the gods’ mountaintop home of Asgard and many of the myths surrounding Thor, the god of Thunder, and his underlings occurred there.  

Thor, who was the highest deity in Asgard, was above the hijinks of his under-gods. Thor was responsible for protecting his human subjects and the other beings who were under his authority. He wielded his hammer and his mighty fist as a way of controlling the forces of nature in order to determine each being’s destiny.  For the Norsemen and other believers, were juxtaposed with Thor’s gentle qualities of healing and fertility. 

Today, Aussie gamers can imbue the power of Thor with their good fortune and savvy gaming strategies as they win real money when they play the captivating Thunderstruck online pokies .   

Gaming Platforms

Thunderstruck is one of the most popular online casino games in Australia. Aussie gamers enjoy the interactive and imaginative imagery that allows them to enjoy a Las Vegas gambling event on their PC or mobile screen. 
The colourful graphics and innovative animations set the stage for high-energy gambling fun and excitement that brings the world of the Vikings to life.

Game symbols show Norse lore in a 21 st century atmosphere and accentuate the power that Thor held over humans and nature. As the reels spin you’ll see Thor himself, a ram’s horn, Thor»s fearsome hammer (the Mjölnir), Thor’s fist and nature-related symbols which include bolts of lightning and Thor’s stormy castle where Thor was destined to live after Odin,  his father, cast him out of the heavenly Asgard. Traditional pokies letters and numbers can match up on the paylines for added wins. 

This pokies features nine paylines and a maximum bet of 5 coins on each payline for a total of forty-five coin maximum deposit on each spin. Thor is the game’s Wild Symbol. Whenever a Thor symbol appears on a regular game spin, it can complete paylines by substituting for other symbols. So, for instance, if you have 2 fist symbols plus a Thor symbol, the Thor can act as the third fist and complete the payline. Payouts that result from Thor serving as a Wild are doubled. Three or more Thor symbols,  occurring on enabled paylines, create a Wild combination. 

If 2 rams horns fall on the reels, in any pattern and on any payline (they don’t need to fall on the same payline and don’t need to fall on a payline that’s been activated) the scatter symbol payout will trigger. Three or more scatter symbols, emerging on the reels simultaneously during a regular game spin will activate the Free Spins Game. 

Free Spins

When the Free Spins game launches you’ll be awarded 15 spins with all free spins bets and paylines remaining the same as the bets and paylines of the spin that triggered the free spins. Any win that you achieve during the Free Spins is tripled. A free spins that results in  three scatters reactivates the free spins game and you are then awarded 15 additional free spins. The new free spins are added to your existing free spins, giving you a new free spins total.

Gamble Feature

Playing pokies for real money is a gamble, but the Thunderstruck pokies includes a special, additional gamble feature. The Gamble feature is an optional feature – you can play the Gamble, skip the Gamble or play some, but not all, of the Gambles.

You are given a total of five gamble options. Regular game wins trigger the Gambles. And it’s your choice of whether or not to press the «Gamble» button to gamble, or pass it by. 

Whenever you do choose to Gamble, the slot machine will present you with a concealed card. You have the choice of betting on the hidden card’s colour (black or red) or suit (hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs). If you wager on the card’s suit and win you quadruple your existing winnings.  If you wager on the card’s colour and your guess is correct you double your existing winnings.

You can play Thunderstruck for free in the casino’s Free Mode and practice the game’s features, levels and elements. When you’re ready to realize real money wins, navigate to the Real Mode to play for real.
Thunderstruck online pokies offers Aussie gamers a captivating adventure  of  Norse-themed challenges, exciting spins and real money payouts.