Russian game "Fool", how to play it?

The Fool card game is the most famous and popular in Russia. It is played not only by adults, but also by children. The game deck consists of 36 cards, which allows 2 to 6 people to participate in the game. The cards in the game «Fool» have different values and suits. To learn how to play, you need to remember the names of the cards, their suits and certain rules. But even knowing the rules, you often lose to your opponent. What is the secret of a successful game?


Remember cards

First of all, you need a good memory. If this is not your advantage, you should not be upset. Remember only trump cards that have come out of the game. There are 9 of them in the deck, and one always remains open until the end of the game. The trump cards in your hands make this task easier. With the acquisition of experience, you can calculate the highest cards remaining in your hands and in the deck — aces, kings, queens, jacks. Having developed your own system of memorizing cards, you will be able to calculate the opponent’s moves in advance and control the entire game process.

Rules of the game

How to learn to play «The Fool»? First of all, carefully study the rules. The dealer thoroughly shuffles the deck and deals six cards to the players, after which he opens the trump card. The first move is made by the player who has the smallest trump card in his hands. You can walk from any card. At the beginning of the game, you need to get rid of small and unnecessary cards (single or double). The opponent sitting on the left side must beat your cards or take them for himself. Cards are beaten only from suit to suit of higher value or trump. A trump card is only beaten by an older trump. The leading player (entering) can toss cards of the same rank with which he entered or fought off the opponent. These cards must also be beaten. If all the offered cards are beaten, they are discarded and no longer take part in the game. After each turn, players who have less than six cards in their hands draw them from the deck. After that, the move goes to the next person strictly clockwise. The game is considered over when only one participant has cards left. He will be the loser!

Why collect paired cards

Collecting paired cards of different denominations, you can turn the course of the game in your favor. Not only large, but also small cards can be useful. With their help, you can make moves and fight back without risking anything. Opponents will not be able to throw anything at you. At the end of the game, collected pairs or four identical cards can become a formidable weapon and bring you victory.

A few tips

Several tricks of the game in «Fool» from professionals:

• try to fight back during the whole game, especially when it comes to an end;

• if a large trump card (for example, an ace or a king) came during the distribution, and you need to fight back, you should not feel sorry for it, as there is a risk of completely losing your game;

• move and fight back only with the smallest cards (according to the accepted rules);

• if you have bad cards at the very beginning of the game, but you have a big trump card, you should try your luck and fight back, hoping to collect similar cards of other suits that your opponents will throw up;

• stay confident and don’t show your emotions. Constant training in the «Fool» in the online mode will allow you to gain experience and improve your skill in the game.