Fast play lowers punters’ self-control

casino gamesIt is not for nothing that British regulators are turning to maximum speed play in an attempt to minimize the negative effects of gambling. A study conducted by Nottingham Trent University concluded that gambling played at high speeds decreases punters’ ability to control themselves.  

The study involved 50 punters who do not suffer from addiction to cheating. They spun simulated pokies at different speeds. Participants had to react to the appearance of a certain color, but as the speed increased, it became more difficult for them. On this topic Quickspin will send punters into space with the new Ticket to the Stars So it was concluded that fast play meant more impulsive behavior and less self-control. At the same time, the participants themselves seemed to have good control of the situation. The principal investigator noted that past research confirms the negative effects of increased speed of play. It becomes harder for punters to finish a session and larger losses are recorded. And this applies not only to cheating addicts, but also to regular punters.