Asian Beauty Aussie Pokies

Asian Beauty slot

You know, it can get boring to play games with the same themes over and over again. Sometimes you want to shake things up and enjoy something with an entirely new theme. With the Asian Beauty Aussie Pokies you can do just that. This pokies for Aussies game will not disappoint with its completely fresh and unique game theme and the fun that you’ll have here.
This game features Asian women in all of their authentic world. They are wearing Asian clothing and are surrounded by all things Asian. The game is a 243 Ways to Win set up, as many of the online pokies games are today. And this means that there are literally hundreds of combinations and ways for you to win.

Starting to Play

As you start with the Asian Beauty Aussie Pokies you’ll see that the symbols, of course, all relate to the theme of Asian beauties. What does this include in the pokies for Aussies game? There are all sorts of beautiful and traditionally dressed women. There are flowers, silver pots, gold pots and other symbols.

There is also Asian music playing in the background which really puts you in the mood and makes you feel like you’ve travelled far away. These are all supposed to be princesses from ancient Asia who are in the royal palace. All of the themes and symbols in the pokies for Aussies try to reflect this idea.

More Fun

Now, as you play the casino bonus game , you should always have your eyes out for certain things. There is a bonus game with the casino bonus fun and that’s the Asian Beauty Mirror Bonus. This game is actually triggered randomly so it’s always fun to play and see if you happen to hit on it. Then, you’ll see 12 mirrors and you’ll click on them to see what Asian beauty is hidden there. If you get three of a kind then you’ll get a prize. But wait – there is even more with the Asian Beauty Aussie Pokies game.

There is a free spins bonus that you get to if you have three or more wooden chests. If this happens, you can win 10, 15 or 25 free spins and the prizes here are all doubled. The chest is also the scatter so you can win as much as 100 times your bet. And, the Asian beauty is the wild symbol and it can help you to create wins.

Exotic Themes

It’s fun to break away from the usual and to experience a new and interesting game theme. With the Asian Beauty game, you’ll know that you’re being transformed into an entirely different time and place and you’ll love the experience you have with these things. Have a blast as you experience another world right from your home or on the go in the modern technology world.

All of this means that you can find yourself in a new and exotic location with the Asian Beauty Assie Pokies game. Get swept away to a time and place that you’ve probably not had much experience with and enjoy every minute. Keep in mind that you can start out with the game in demo mode to get a feel for it. But then to really enjoy it and to get a chance at the casino bonus and more, you’ll want to dive in with the real money playing.